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I started screenprinting about 25 years ago, printing numbers on baseball jerseys in a basement t-shirt shop.  When business was slow, I experimented with my own designs, making multicolor prints on paper serigraphy   is the official term of art.  Although I've tried many different methods of making stencils for my designs, I keep coming back to the most basic: hand-cut paper.  I love the simplicity, the directness, and most of all, the results.  I've always been a fan of Matisse's paper cuts, and this method produces similarly sharp edges, bold shapes, and intense colors.  When I finish with a printing run, I simply peel my paper stencil off the screen and throw it away, ensuring limited editions. 

My favorite subjects are the human form and botanical images.  Lately, I'm most interested in flowers and the endless design possibilities they present.  My annual flower calendar includes both realistic and fanciful images,  many inspired by the blooms in my own garden here in Okemos, Michigan. I also produce hand-printed greeting cards and large (up to 40 x 40") limited -edition serigraphs. 


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